Ryan’s journey in the world of cryptocurrencies began long before he assumed the role of CEO at Kaspa Cats. He has always been an ardent cryptocurrency enthusiast, closely following the evolution of blockchain technology and its impact on the financial landscape. This enthusiasm drives his commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation within the crypto space. Ryan holds a Master’s degree in Business Continuity Management, which further bolsters his leadership capabilities. His educational background equips him with the skills necessary to navigate complex challenges and ensure the long-term sustainability and resilience of Kaspa Cats in an ever-changing crypto landscape. Ryan believes the Kaspa Network will be at the forefront of the crypto space and will lead the charge in the next bull run.  



Chris is a seasoned Chief Operating Officer (COO) with an impressive background in leading operations at some of the world’s most prestigious tech companies, including Google. 

Chris’s journey in the tech industry began at Google, where they played a pivotal role in scaling operations and implementing efficient processes that supported the company’s rapid growth. During their tenure at Google, Chris was instrumental in various high-impact projects, from optimising global supply chains to enhancing customer experience through innovative solutions.

Following their successful career at Google, Chris founded his own project dedicated to animals and research you can check it out here 



Dom is an accomplished Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with extensive experience in managing financial operations for prominent institutions in both the UK and the Germany. With a robust background in international finance and a keen eye for strategic investment, Dom brings unparalleled expertise and leadership to the financial helm of our company.

Dom’s illustrious career in finance spans years, during which he has held pivotal roles in major financial institutions across London and the Frankfurt. In London, Dom was instrumental in steering financial strategies for leading banks and investment firms, navigating the complexities of rapidly growing markets and dynamic economic landscapes. Dom’s tenure in Frankfurt further solidified his reputation as a strategic thinker and financial innovator, where he managed large-scale financial operations and drove significant growth initiatives.

G (Graham)

Marketing Lead

G is a marketing genius renowned for his innovative strategies and exceptional ability to drive brand growth and engagement. With a creative mindset and a deep understanding of market dynamics, G has consistently delivered outstanding results across various marketing campaigns, solidifying his reputation as a leader in the field.

G’s  journey in marketing has been marked by numerous successes across diverse industries. His career spans over a decade, during which he has spearheaded high-impact marketing initiatives for both startups and established enterprises. G’s expertise ranges from digital marketing and brand management to consumer psychology and market analysis, making him a versatile and invaluable asset to any organization.


Research Lead

Muhammad is a distinguished expert in market research and SEO content, known for his ability to transform data into actionable insights and create content that drives online visibility and engagement. With a keen understanding of consumer behaviour and a talent for optimising digital content, Muhammad plays a crucial role in shaping our company’s marketing strategies.

Muhammad’s career in market research and SEO content spans over a decade, during which he has worked with diverse industries to enhance his market presence and digital footprint. His expertise in conducting comprehensive market analyses and developing targeted content strategies has helped numerous businesses achieve their marketing objectives and increase their competitive edge



J.L is a passionate full stack developer and expert coder known for solving complex problems and creating innovative solutions. With a strong foundation in both front-end and back-end development, J.L has made significant contributions to the tech industry.

J.L holds a degree in Computer Science, which provided a solid grounding in various programming languages and technologies. This academic background laid the foundation for a successful career in software development, combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills essential for excellence in the tech field..

Sam profile Photo

Sam (Shan)

Community Manager

Sam is our dedicated Community Manager for Telegram, Discord, Reddit, and X. Sam is passionate about engaging with community members and writing about the newest trends in crypto. With his extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for the crypto world, Sam brings a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere to our community platforms.

Sam loves connecting with members, fostering discussions, and keeping everyone updated with the latest developments in the Kaspa Cats project and the broader crypto landscape. His ability to create engaging content and facilitate meaningful interactions makes him an invaluable asset to our team. Feel free to reach out to him on any of our platforms—he’s always excited to chat and share insights about Kaspa Cats.

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