KaspaCats and KRC20 Launch: Exciting New Features and Upcoming Plans

We’re excited to announce that the KRC20 launch is on Sunday, June 30, 2024! This long-awaited moment is set to revolutionize the world of crypto. With KASPA already recognized as the gold standard in blockchain enhancement and security, KRC20 will elevate our decentralized solution to new heights.

What to Expect with KRC20 Launch

KRC20 is designed to be the ultimate smart contract, supporting a wide range of dApps and digital assets. This flexibility makes it a top choice for users looking for an integrated token solution. Our developers can even customize the token as needed, ensuring flexibility without compromising on standards.

We were the pioneers of the automint feature, and we’re proud to see it now available more broadly. This feature replaces the tedious process of minting single tokens with an automated system.

Upcoming Features and Plans

Our KASPA-friendly wallet, Kasware, will support KRC20. Users can create a wallet, select the desired ticker and transaction fee, sign, and pay to begin minting. Over the next few weeks, we expect extensive minting activity.

KasPlex, our trusted partner, is working diligently on creating a marketplace and DEX. Once these platforms go live, users will be able to trade their KCATS seamlessly.

We’re also gearing up to launch our highly anticipated NFTs of cyber cats, the core part of our project. These NFTs will enable users to participate in combat tournaments with their beloved cats, competing for the prestigious title of The Ultimate Fighting Cat. Our team is diligently working on this interactive experience, and we are optimistic about an early launch.

KASPA’s exciting innovations, uncompromised security tools, and remarkable ecosystem alongside the KRC20 launch would attract aspiring projects and dynamic users, offering great opportunities for growth. We’re providing a platform that enables greatness.

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